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SEO apps on iPhone and iPad

You know the benefit of optimizing your Web site.  Some of us hire an expert to monitor the Web site for us.  We have searched the Web and found the following SEO apps that you can add to your iPhone or iPad.

Google Analytics:  This is a free app that will indicate to you how your Web site is ranked by Google.  It will tell you in real terms the number of daily visitors to your Web site as well as page ranking, search terms, site search and others.  You can customize the app to alert you on your event performance.

SEM Calculator:  This is a valuable free tool to monitor live marketing campaign or to set up one.  This will help you with cost information based on clicks and others.

SEO Manager:  A free app to get keyword analysis on your Web pages and provide real time keyword rankings.  Also provide page rank checks from Google and other search engines.

SEOStats:  Another free app that track and indicate your Google page ranking, and SEO audits on your domain name.

Ego:  This $1.99 app provides Google Analytics as well as analyzes your site on social media and update in one place.