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Google is free to implement search 2.0

After reviewing an allegation against Google, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) earlier this month (January 2013) decided not to take any legal action against search engine behemoth over its search practices.  The FTC confirmed that Google will not face any anti-trust law violations.  According to some published reports, Google spent over $25 million lobbying Washington.  However, the European Union still evaluating whether the search engine broke any competition rules in Europe.

The FTC decision allows Google to transform its search engine without any fear of prosecution.  Google maintained that its new changes are aimed at giving the user faster and better search experience.  It wants to be the “answer engine.”   If a user type in the word “temperature” into the search engine, Google will give out a local weather report instead of links.  If you are looking for information on a famous person, Google’s “Knowledge Graph” will display a photo and biography of the person.  If a user is looking for a local business, Google will provide maps as well as reviews.  The “Google Now,” an app for Android based smartphones is capable of giving information based on person’s interests and show calendar and appointments without ever logging on to the search engine.