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ChinaNet, a search engine behemoth in China

ChinaNet (CNET, NASDAQ listed) is the world’s largest Internet network that reaches more than any other in the world. It is a leading B2B Internet technology company that provides sales channel expansion for many small to medium enterprises and networking services in the People’s Republic of China. It runs many subsidiaries including 28.com that provides optimization services through its Clever Cloud Optimizer which was introduced in October 2012.

Clever Cloud Optimizer helps businesses manage large and complex online search accounts and promotes more efficiency. It also allows businesses to dissect data such as search history of customers in order to allow more targeted promotions and advertisements. ChinaNet has more than 10 million registered customers and provide daily services to more than 28 million people. It claims that it provides a dedicated international service in China, US, Hong Kong, and other parts of the world. It maintains its own underwater cable network between China and the United States. With more than 300 million connected people in China (netizens) provide enormous pool for expansion opportunities for ChinaNet and its rivals including Weibo and Baidu. Chinese language characters provide an opportunity for people to get around the government censorship.