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Why stopping duplication of content is important?

Article Written by : Gear Up 4 Nature

Many still thinks search engine optimization (SEO) is better than social media and email marketing. Winning Bing and Google at their game take time and patience, and will require multiple improvements to your Web site. Doing things the same way you did in the past is no longer going to work. Keep what works and drop what doesn’t work.

One of the practices you need to stop immediately is stopping duplication of content. Digital marketing is constantly changing. On the other hand search engines such as Google are changing their criteria more rapidly too. Google is known to crackdown on older material in favor of new. Stopping duplication of material is not admitting that your strategy is not working; it is merely adjusting to changing circumstances. It is also identifying weak points in your SEO strategy and responding to stay relevant.

Duplicating content could be treated as deceptive content by Google. Some materials are required to be duplicated but be careful when doing so. In order to stay relevant, follow Goggle and other SEOs directions in duplicating content. Sometimes telling Google how you like your Web site to be indexed, use of 301 redirects and carefully syndicating to other Websites may help to address concerns over duplicated content.