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Choosing an SEO Consultant

Search Engine Optimization is essential for any online business. Implementing it on your own can be a headache. However, if you possess the financial resources finding a consultant is easy. In fact it is too easy, as everyone seems to be an SEO expert now. Here are a few tips on choosing and SEO consultant.

• First of all you should read up all you can about SEO. Get an overall understanding of how the process works. This will help you in the event that your consultant tries to hoodwink you or does a shoddy job. At the very least it will help you understand the jargon being spoken.

• Ask for recommendations from others, such as any friends that may no more than you or other businesses.

• Search on sites like Top SEO Firms and other SEO directories.

• Search for SEO related terms on Google. Only the best SEO specialists will get to the top of that search results page. Now, go to the websites of each of the top ten. Pick the ones that have a good balance between design and content. An accomplished SEO consultant is able to deliver a page that normal people can understand as opposed to one that only search engines can. Some keyword suggestions to search for: Search engine optimization services, search engine placement, search engine marketing, SEO services, SEO company, SEO firm, SEO consultant, etc.

• Take the shortlist you have come up with and look at their history. Check their online reputation in forums and by typing the company name in search engines, plus words like “fraud”, “rip off” and “scam.” Check their BBB rating. Also, check if they are member of SEMPO.

• Call them up and inquire about their packages and pricing. Ask for references and sample rankings. Find out exactly what they do in detail. Make sure they also offer link building and find out exactly how many links they will get you. It might be a plus if they also offer web design services.

With all of this information in your hand, take a smart decision based on it. Do not base you decision on one factor alone, like pricing for instance. What you should finally settle on is a consultant who has a good record in all factors. Then you will have a good experience working with that person and also ensure that your site receives the best possible SEO work.

Finally, one company that we really recommend for all your search engine marketing needs, is Submit Express. But again, do your own due diligence and compare them to other SEO companies.