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How Colocation Can Improve Local SEO

Blog provided by Electric Kitten

Locally-based businesses need a marketing strategy that appeals to people in their immediate area. A worldwide marketing strategy is a waste of time and effort for local businesses since people in other countries aren’t the ones who will be shopping in their cities. Therefore, local businesses need a way to inform their target audience about their services.

The great thing about SEO is that you can target local audiences through the keywords and strategies you pursue. Keywords related to a specific area are a good starting point for local SEO, but there are still other components that affect local SEO success. One of these factors is the location of your web host.

You might be aware of the effects web hosting can have on SEO. Shared hosting servers can hurt your search engine rankings because they are much slower than dedicated servers or other web hosting options. When it comes to local SEO, the location of your web host can also affect page loading speed, because the closer your server is to your customers, the faster they’ll be able to access your site.

Colocation hosting is like renting space for a server in a data center. You own and provide the server’s hardware and software, while your colocation provider provides cooling, power, security, and other essentials. Finding a colocation provider in your city is one way you can keep control over your server while also improving local SEO.

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