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Simple tips to Improve SEO

Search Engine Optimization is an important factor for any online business.  Sometimes people tend to forget some obvious factors while focusing on the more complex aspects of SEO. Here are some of them and ways to avoid them.

Content is King. Making a page look good is not a crime. In fact, the page has to look attractive enough to the visitor for them to be interested in it initially. However, it is of utmost importance that the page contains enough content textually as well. For example, to a search engine, a page only displaying pictures of Lions is no different to a page full of pictures of medical instruments. However if either page was full of content describing the pictures, there would be a clear difference. This is why each page on a website should have unique content.

Anchor text is often used in the wrong way. The concept behind anchor text is that it should let a search engine know what is being indexed. This will result in better ranking on search results. For example, linking PixelMagic in the term “Website design by PixelMagic” is the wrong use of anchor text. The correct term to link here is Website design.

Think in terms of “Spiders”. Search engine spiders crawl the web looking for content to index. By “thinking” in their terms, the design of the webpage can be changed. This was full Flash sites can be avoided, image heavy and content low sites can be avoided and so on.

By helping a search engine identify and asses a website, the chances of that website’s ranking improving in the search results becomes a more probable event.

Finally, if you think SEO  is too technical for you, then you should consider hiring an Search Engine Optimization Firm like Submit Express. Not only will you save time that you could spend more productively elsewhere, but also you can rest assured that you are doing everything correctly and you won’t screw up.