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February 2013

Google to Glass Contest Participants: Pay Up

Interested in being a Google Glass “Explorer” and early adopter? Submit your application to the contest going on right now. Folks of voting age, and living in the United States, have until February 27 to participate in the Google Glass competition. To be a contestant, there is a social media application to submit — only through Google+ or Twitter, no Facebook applications accepted! — and $1,500, plus tax, to pay.

Pinterest’s Ben Silbermann Speaks

Tom Simonite, a senior IT editor at MIT Technology Review , recently interviewed Ben Silbermann, Pinterest’s CEO and co-founder. The interview gives a glimpse at how company brass envisions the monetized future of the hugely popular, and still young, site. It seems everyone is using Pinterest — amateur chefs, First Lady Michelle Obama, designer-types putting together outfits suitable for sundry fashion weeks, and even mothers of would-be supreme tech chieftains (Silbermann’s mom has a popular Pinterest board). But overall, since Pinterest gained wide popularity in early 2012, no one has flocked to it as much as women have. So where does Ben Silbermann think the site he helped start in 2009 is going