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Tips to work with Google Caffeine Algorithm

Google has a upgraded its search engine with a new algorithm called Google Caffeine. This algorithm will improve the accuracy, load speed, search range and index size of the search engine. Web developers must take advantage of these new features or else all their SEO efforts will be in vain.

· Expand your site – Create lots of pages but ensure that you fill it with quality content. This will contribute vastly to your page rank.

· Implement a blog – One of Caffeine’s priorities is to find fresh and relevant content. Add a blog to your site and make sure that you constantly add articles to the blog. The more you write the more visibility you will get. Consistency is key here because indexing takes place much faster than before.

· Get into Social Networking – Twitter is real time, as you know, and this is especially useful when it comes to Caffeine. Since indexing takes place faster, plug links to your blog and website here so that it shows up on the index better. The same goes for Facebook, MySpace and all the other Social Network sites. Everything will be indexed, so make sure you show up in all of those sites.

· Increase your changes – Updating more has huge benefits now. The update visibility lag has been cut down from a massive three weeks to just one day. This means that you can measure your performance and figure out the impact that the changes have had on your site quicker.