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Gaining Market Share through Reputation Management

Article by FixBadReputation.com

More and more, companies are finding the value in maintaining social media channels. These pages help connect you with your audience, and gain market share through aggressive branding practices. These tips are designed to help you create a name for you and your brand in the social landscape.

Create Presence

The first step toward managing reputation is to create a presence in the common spaces online. It helps to begin with your website, creating a blog. Then, create a social media page on Facebook and register your brand name on Twitter. Next, look at all potential channels for success. You might potentially create videos or need micro sites later on down the road. Create these now while your brand is new or scaling, so you don’t run the risk of others claiming your brand real estate.

With all of these new accounts, it’s easy to overlook one or two in favor of those that are more responsive. You should determine which networks work best for you, but do not turn your backs on low traffic sources. A little adjustment in your strategy, or some unique content, can turn the tide and bring in a higher flood of traffic.

Consider Your Brand

You should create alerts that send new queries about your brand directly to your mailbox. This helps to automate the process of brand management, and provides a method for you to catch potential problems before they become an issue for you.

Implement Authorship

Authorship helps to identify executives related to your brand, and places their name and image next to your content. This is called “thought leadership” and it helps to promote your ideas in this fashion. This way, you get the added benefit of traffic from those searching for your executive team.

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