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Baidu.com, the Chinese search behemoth

Article Written by : Merchant Capital Inc
The most popular Chinese Web site Baidu claim more than 80 percent of the Internet search traffic in China. Many call it the “Chinese Google.” Using its Tieba, the Web site allows users to create their own search bar and Baike (through Baidu Knows) is an online encyclopedia provided by Baidu. Baidu Maps, online video streaming (through PPStream), Qunar travel metasearch site, and game site known as iwan.com are other services provided by the popular search engine site.

In an attempt to develop an App Store similar to Apple, Baidu bought 91 Wireless in August 2013. This acquisition brought in 100 million users and will allow Baidu to enter into the mobile arena. Since the acquisition, Baidu has introduced its app store called “Light App.” Chinese crowded mobile landscape is very competitive and every internet based service is aiming to heighten their mobile platforms. Its recent acquisitions gave it more than 130 million mobile customers for its mobile search apps and competition include Microsoft Bing affiliated Alibaba, anti-virus software builder Qihoo 360, and the popular Chinese Web portal Tencent. But Baidu expect to maintain its supremacy due to already existing Web traffic on its site. This is why Baidu is catching on much faster than others.