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Guidelines for Creating a Wikipedia Page

Summary: Read up on the many guidelines that Wikipedia has listed on their site to ensure that your page sticks.Thinking of starting a Wikipedia page for yourself or your brand? Be sure to follow these content guidelines or you might end up putting in hours of hard work only to end up with a rejection notice.

With so many guidelines to adhere to, one of the most important aspects that you have to pay attention to revolves around the content of the page. For one, you’ll want to avoid writing or editing content about yourself – correcting errors is acceptable however. You’ll also want to pay close attention to citing all of your sources using a variation of different styles.


Be sure to only add images that are relevant to the topic at hand. They must also be properly referenced and sized correctly – to avoid overwhelming the text. You must also own the rights to the image that you’re posting.

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Everyone hates plagiarized work. Wikipedia is no exception.

Duplicating work without attributing the author isn’t just unethical, but it can also get you in a ton of trouble. Always give credit where it’s due – Wikipedia will always verify whether the content on your page is original or copied.

Copyrighted Content

Copyrighted content lies somewhat in a sort of gray area. It can be used in specific cases, however it must comply with the non-free content policy that Wikipedia enforces on their site. Be sure that the content is fairly used under U.S. copyright law or you might find your content rejected without a chance to edit.