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Is Facebook search coming soon?

Searching the social media needs to get better. Few engineers at the social media site Facebook are diligently working on an improved search engine according to sources within the Facebook circle. This will allow status updates, articles, videos, and other information on the Web to be searched much easier.

Google, the search behemoth, is getting in to the Facebook’s social networking arena through its Google+ network. Facebook on the other hand is trying to move in to the search arena. Search advertising is a $15 billion industry and Facebook wants a slice of it. Also, Facebook is aiming to provide a search for its members without leaving the site. Also, they could provide key word search similar to Google and Microsoft, which is very lucrative business venture.


Google controls 67 percent of the U.S. search market. It has a sophisticated technology to track trillion Web pages. No one in the industry has the ability of the Google search. But Facebook with its massive database could build a powerful search engine. Facebook could be the second largest search engine if they get in to the pray. Once Facebook goes public in May 2012 we may see a search engine from Facebook.