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Tips for Onsite Optimization

Although the process of building backlinks and making off-page optimizations do more for you than on-page optimization, it is not something to be disregarded. In fact by using other techniques, on-page optimization can be take you to another level. Here we will look at how an attached blog to your website can your SEO efforts.

Give importance to the title of the blog site. This has a lot of weight in ranking and it is one of the first things users look at in the search results. Ideally the title should contain the keyword at the beginning and not be very long. It should also make the user want to click on it. Although this is asks for a lot, it is worth it to put the effort to satisfy these factors because it is a proven method of getting traffic.

Don’t get lazy with URL’s. Many blog sites offer database driven scripts to ring up the content. Unfortunately the ease of use for the designer does nothing for SEO. For example, a default WordPress blog page might look like this:


The characters after the question mark denote that the page has been generated dynamically. This does not go down well with a search engine. Take the time to rewrite the URL to something that makes sense. For example:


This also adds to the users confidence, as they know exactly where they are navigating to.
Another thing you should do is submit an XML sitemap to Google and Bing. This makes the indexing process easier for the search engines. Do not forget to have a static sitemap on the website, as this is very essential too.

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