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How Google Scribe affects Search Engine Optimization

With Google being considered the most important search engine for a long time now, understanding the art and science behind search engine optimization has become imperative if you want your website to be at the top of the list whenever someone searches for a keyword that is related to your site.

But not even one SEO expert can consider themselves truly so in the field of Search Engine Optimization. And even as people continue to decipher the most important aspects of SEO, each of the tools such as Personalized Search that Google has released in Experiment Labs has been giving us a different take on the algorithm that goes into understanding how the Google search engine works.

One of the latest tools that Google has released recently in the Experiment Labs is the Google Scribe, which takes a page out of the much-raved about Scribe SEO software that works across several platforms. But not necessarily in the same way!

Google Scribe actually is a text suggestion tool that uses words from your previous phrases to guess what you want to type next, and these according to Google, are correct or most popular phrases to be used.

And of course, in being able to use the most popular phrases if it is suitable, one should be able to increase their keyword placement in an article apart from giving you possible suggestions for words that you might be stuck with, especially if you are a writer.

And while the focus of this software switches from keyword density to how search engines view keywords from the aspects of semantics, relevancy and context, there’s no doubt that the use of Google Scribe can turn out to be an important tool in the business of Search Engine Optimization.