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Why SEO Careers are Recession-Proof

The recession has changed one’s understanding of the term ‘job security’ especially in a time when every dollar counts for a lot. Of course, the most recent years have given one plenty of evidence to suggest that jobs across several industries have been anything but secure, forgetting the fact that one can even think about a pay raise during these times.

However, if one seeks to pursue an SEO career, it seems as if this is one of those careers which seems to be immune to fall and rise of fortunes of industries and large firms. And here are some reasons why:

Reason #1: An Established Market

The big difference between the last time when the IT industry took a serious hit and the recent recession is the fact that Search Engine Optimization is an established market, and not a new one. So, there’s chance of one having to scramble for jobs as this market continues to expand.

Reason #2: Great Return-on-Investment

One of the best reasons as to why SEO is recession-proof is that for whatever amount a company invests into their SEO strategy (as opposed to other methods of promotion), the return on investment is almost always the best.

Reason #3: Cheapest way to promote your product

During a recession which involves pay and budget cuts, SEO still remains one of the most cost-effective ways to promote one’s product/s or service/s as opposed to traditional promotion methods. So what do you think companies will resort to when there is a recession?