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Importance of keywords in promoting a website

The success of your internet marketing strategy will depend greatly on the use of keywords. People use keywords when searching for information and will look at a website only when they see the keyword. Therefore in order to increase traffic to your website what must you consider when using keywords?

Do research to find suitable keywords for your website; you can use Google Keyword Tool for this, and then determine the level of competition and average number of searches for a keyword. Depending on this decide on the keywords you want to target. Use specific keywords to receive more targeted traffic to your site.

To accurately describe your website use multiple keywords and use them throughout the content of the web page, articles or blog posts. Use them on headings, on the page title and domain name.

Use keywords on your advertisements for your website as people will look at adverts with the keywords and will give the potential customers an idea of what you are selling.

Monitor the number of visitors to the website by using a tool like Google Analytics and see what keywords they use. Change the keywords if they are not bringing in sufficient traffic.