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How to Remove Yelp Negative Reviews

Everyone uses Yelp to find out the details about new places they’d like to check out. But if you’re a business, Yelp’s popularity means that you’re subjected to nonstop scrutiny and the capricious whims of the public. Yelp is not going away any time soon, so right now is as good a time as any to learn to use it to your benefit, and to figure out ways to maneuver around its inevitable pitfalls.

If an unfavorable review about your business appears online, try contacting the reviewer about it. Your goal is to reach an agreement in which he or she will accept either removing the negative post or adding an amendment — in other words, changing a bad rating to a more positive one. Of course, you’ll need to provide incentives and good reasons for why the reviewer should reconsider the original posting. But even if the reviewer is uncooperative, you can go directly to the site’s management and request that the review be removed if it is egregiously unfair or unfounded.

A Reputation Management service, like the one offered at Submit Express, can help if the above alternatives do not pan out. Find out about other options, like the Ripoff Report Removal Service that is also available. It’s possible to push down in search rankings the negative reviews about your business. Ask us about our popular Yelp Negative Review Repair service. We can create far-reaching positive buzz about your business through smart social networking and marketing.