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Use these proven tips to improve your ranking

Search Engine Optimization is getting more complicated for small business owners who are trying to stay on top. Google’s complicated algorithm and other requirements are not making it easier for them either. Here are few things to do:

Content and user experience are key: Content should be interesting to keep the visitor engaged. Keep the phrase “content is king” in mind.

Tune the site: Title tags, site structure and load-speed are critical for Google algorithm. Hire someone to assess your site and give it a tune up.

Quality is the key: Google firmly believe that quantity and automation do not necessarily provide good user experience. Large number of inexpensive links is not the key either. In order to get increased ranking, provide quality content.

Don’t buy; earn backlinks: Backlinks bring in more than 70 percent of your site ranking. Content marketing that provide information, humor, politics and training are critical to earn backlinks. Also consider backlinks profile and use press releases and compare it to other brand names.

Develop a community through links: Link bait is acceptable to Google. It is a natural and an organic way to build a community.

Pay attention to SEO reports: This is your monthly progress report. Look for your progress.