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Google Analytics for iPhone

Article Written by : Merchant Account Central

Success of a Website or even a blog depends on how the search engine treats the site. Is there a way to measure how well a site is doing on Web searchers? Yes, there is. Tracking the success of a Website is easily achieved through simple apps available on the Internet. Google Analytics is a free such app that works on smart phones such as iPhone. If you look for premium service, it will cost you. It is one of the best free apps you can download from the Web. Yes, you can download Google product on the Apple iPhone.

It helps you to see how your Web site is ranked on Google search engine and page ranking. Statics you get from Google are real time and it shows number of daily visitors from various sources including social media and search engines, search terms used, event tracking, page ranking, and many others. It allows you to manage success of an event and will send you an alert indicating how well the event is performing. Product is mainly helping marketers more than anyone else. The service has become the most widely use statistical service on the Web.