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Bing or Google, which one will you pick?

Article Written by: How Merchant Accounts Work

Bing is the web search engine from Microsoft. It was formally called Live Search, Windows Live Search and MSN Search. Bing was introduced in May 2009 and released in June of the same year replacing all previous versions. In July 2009, Microsoft made a deal with Yahoo! and now power Yahoo! Search.

When it comes to search, Google is the gorilla in the room. Bing has a 4.3 percent market share followed by Yahoo! which claims a 3.9 share of search market.

However, the Internet provides a much different picture when Bing is compared to Google Search. If you are querying for information, Google still provide better quality responses. Bing’s association with Twitter and Facebook provides better social integration with data compared to Google’s Google+ only network data. Both provide instant search features. However, when you are typing a query with Google, it edge over Bing in regard to listing more relevant data with speed. Bing search result pages have a more appeal compared to Google result pages. Google pages appear more cluttered. If you are looking for more connected data, Google is your choice because it has wealth of information and they all are connected. It gives more background information than Bing. So, choice is yours.