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Is Bing part of your SEO strategy?

Article Written by : Credit Cards Processing News

Web search in the United States is dominated by Google with over 75 percent of the market share. Bing is the distant second place winner with over 12 percent of the market. However there are several reasons for SEO companies to consider incorporating Bing.

With Mozilla making Yahoo as its default browser on Firefox and Yahoo is already powered by Bing, it makes sense to incorporate Bing. The combined Bing and Yahoo together claim over 22 percent of the search market share at the expense of Google.

On the other hand who wants to depend on a sole source? Adding another source such as Bing can increase the Web traffic to your site. Bing’s slow and steady rise can pay dividend in the future.

Compared to Google, Bing makes more information available. It tells you how their algorithm works allowing you to maximize your SEO efforts rather than dealing with much more secretive Google.

If you are located within the Northern Great Plains and the Rust Belt, you are in luck. Bing seems to hold a lead in this part of the country. Yahoo is also strong in Southern states and the Rust Belt making it a compelling reason for those located within these areas to incorporate Bing.