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Use Feedly and Storify to update content

Article Written by : Leader SEO

In order to grab attention from a search engine such as Google, content needs to be updated constantly. This is where many businesses having difficulties. Some seek help from search engine optimization (SEO) providers and they do require payments. Those who are willing to spend some time on the Internet and do it there are tools including content curation that they can use.

Among many free services offered online, Pinterest, Juxtapost, ContentGems, Feedly, Flipboard, Storify, Bundlr, iFlow and many others have been mentioned more often. They provide a platform to share images and other content based on any interest, subject or any other criteria. Here we will visit two of them; Feedly and Storify.

Feedly is a simple to use web based reader that pulls news and blog posts via RSS feed based on a person’s interest. Feed can be sorted based on any category, by scanning sources from other preferences, and many other sources including blog roundups, social sharing, and bookmarking sites. It can be integrated easily with Twitter, Google+, Facebook and many others.


Basic Storify service is free and it allows curation and storytelling. It make it easier to pull content from the web, social media, news articles, blogs and other sources including social media sites.