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What will it take Google to notice my Web site?

Article Written by : Website Business Solution

Those who are in the search engine optimization (SEO) field often hear from their clients and prospects a question often seems very familiar. Everyone wants to know how long it takes to get first page appearance on Google search.

If your Web site is brand new, it might take more than 12 months for Google to even recognize you. Breakdown your goals to manageable segments and work on each one until you finish the entire program. Sometime you may get better visitor numbers before you get a good ranking from Google. Keep in mind targeted key words, quality content, linkages and many others help your ranking.

The answer is not easy and requires many things to line up right. Status of your Web page is more important. If your Web page has been penalized by Google previously, you may have a hard time to get it right. Before you do anything else, you need the fix this problem first. In this area you may need help from an SEO expert.

Your action today will affect your ranking in the future. This is why many SEO experts ask not to get spammy. Keep in mind, SEO is a continuous process. Above all you need to have patient.