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How search engine optimization look at buyer behavior

Article Written by : Keywordle – All about SEO & SEM

Understanding online buyer behavior helps to design attractive and useful Web sites and provide key information to search engine optimization (SEO) professionals. A typical online buyer goes through a process that we can generalize as follows:

  • User becomes aware of the product.
  • Seeking information about the product mainly researching online.
  • Evaluating alternatives including products, its features, cost and others online.
  • Make a decision to buy.
  • Buy the product using online payment system.
  • Physically try the product and make a decision to keep or return the product.

SEO professionals are helping with businesses especially at the point a customer make a decision to buy a product by presenting sponsored Web sites right in front of the customer at the right time. They use long-tail key words in designing Web sites, add quality content to each page of the site and generate multiple pages within the Web site, uses Meta data, link pages to other useful and quality content and other use other practices to help the business client. All these efforts are geared to get a higher Google ranking for each Web site. This is why SEOs are more important for success of any business not just retail.