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Top 5 Design Tips for Business Cards

Article provided by Guru Printers

Have you ever wondered what it takes to design the perfect business card for winning customers’ hearts and minds? While we may not have a magic formula that will ensure success 100% of the time, we do know a few principles that will help you make memorable, high-quality business cards that can help you find customers. Here are five of the best design tips we have.

Make your cards easy to read

Resist the temptation to pack as much information as you can onto one card. Cards that are easy to read with visually appealing uses of blank space make the most impact. Add only the most important information with enough room to draw the reader’s eye to what matters most.

Add enough room around your cards’ edges

Printers often refer to a “bleed area” for business cards, which is an extra bit of room (usually 3-5 mm) around the trim edge of the cards. Printers are not flawless and may slightly misalign your cards from time to time. The bleed area ensures that none of your graphics or text will be cut off by the cards’ edge.

Proofread your cards’ copy

All of us have made mistakes we didn’t notice until too late, so it’s important to double-check your cards before you place them in the hands of a potential customer. Check for spelling, art, and numerical errors so you won’t leave a bad impression in people’s minds.

Use graphics that represent your brand

You should avoid dull designs that lack visual creativity, but be sure to choose graphics that are suitable for your brand. For example, if you work for an accounting company, do not use an overly elegant typeface that is more suitable for a wine company.

Use the best ink and materials

It’s harder for your business cards to make an impression on your customers if your printing and materials are subpar. For clear, vibrant business cards that have been designed and cut for maximum impact be sure to acquire the services of companies such as Guru Printers. If you need business card printing in Los Angeles, contact them today.